is a designer and technologist working at the intersection of data science, creative computing, and visual narrative.

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Teralytic: Soil Health Dashboard

The dashboard for Teralytic’s wireless soil probes, an agriculture IoT product. Each probe (represented as a hexagon on the map) uses 23 sensors to paint a complete picture of a farm’s soil health. More available at

Design, Development - Node.js  |  D3.js  |  Sketch 3

Mapping Dada

A network visualization of the interconnectedness of history, using Wikipedia articles as its data source, and the art movement Dada as its central point. Full site available at In depth analysis and code is available on github.

Data Analysis, Design, Development - Node.js  |  Python  |  D3.js  |  Sketch 3

Every Natural Satellite in the Solar System

A print visualization of every known moon in the solar system, showing the relationship between orbit (horizontal axis) and orbital period (vertical axes).

Design, Development - Node.js  |  D3.js  |  Adobe Illustrator

The History Of Paris-Roubaix

The classic bike race and it's full 115 years of results charted, and a visualization of the top 10% of Paris-Roubaix racers. Full site available at Methodology, sources and analysis are available on github.

Data Analysis, Design, Development - Node.js  |  D3.js  |  Adobe Illustrator

charity: water

A proposed art direction for charity: water’s 2014 annual report, using colorized slow-motion video captures of water as it rippled and swayed in infinite loops to give a sensation of persistant movement.

Design - Adobe Illustrator  |  Adobe AfterEffects  |  Photography

Violence, Revolution, and Income Inequality in Africa

A product of Parson’s partnership with the United Nations Development Program, this microsite combines disparate sources on political violence and historic conflict data to help examine and predict patterns relating to income inequality. Full site available here.

Design, Development - Node.js  |  D3.js

Naturalist Almanac

Designed for Free Time Industries, the Naturalist Almanac is a circular calendar with detailed information pertaining to each season, ranging in nature from astrological to livestock and harvest. Meant to be hung on the wall, it uses rivets to be easily rotated per season, adding a light interactivity to the physical form.

Design - Adobe Illustrator

Inc. 500

An interactive visualization of the Inc. 500 list made in partnership with Column Five and Inc. Magazine, this microsite walks users through the data using animated transitions between position (to show growth) and color (to compare states and industries).

Design - Adobe Illustrator  |  CSS